Seeing the incredible work Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Los and the entire staff at St. Michael’s has put into making this school year possible has been further proof that St. Michael is absolutely the best school out there. I know that they worked tirelessly to overcome many barriers to make it happen...and they did it not for themselves, but for our kids. I will be forever grateful for everything they have done. 


Enrollment is continual and can be done at any time beginning December 1st. All new student enrollments are date and time stamped, so if a class is full, a waiting list will form based on the submission date and time of your form. We warmly welcome you to St. Michael Parish School! This is such an exciting time, and it brings us great joy to have your child and your family be part of our school!


Click the registration button and print the 2022-2023 Enrollment Form.  Please complete and return your Enrollment Form and Deposit to our School Office to secure a spot for your child as soon as possible.

Registrants will receive a detailed registration packet in the spring, whereby they designate a preferred way to pay tuition (in equal payments over 10 months or 1 payment in full).  

We offer Tuition Assistance for families desiring a Catholic education who need financial support. The process for Tuition Assistance begins by submitting a request made through FACTS Management (our tuition payment platform) to the Catholic Education Foundation. All applications are collected, reviewed, and submitted to St. Michael Parish School. Simply create a user name and password to begin. Requests should be made by the March 1st deadline.  Learn more about Tuition Assistance here.

The admission process at St. Michael begins when we receive your completed Enrollment Form .   "Current Family Enrollment" runs December 1st to December 15th (with form submission open online beginning November 20th). New Family registration typically opens at Open Houses for Preschool and Kindergarten which are temporarily Virtual , thus all New Family Enrollment is now available on a rolling basis with grade placements beginning December 16th (following Current Family placement).
  • New Family Enrollment information for all grades will be entered beginning December 16th, according to the date/time of Enrollment Form submission.
  • Please see below for prioritized considerations regarding enrollment, if you wish to understand how confirmations are prioritized. 
  • Note that we do "date/time stamp" applications, since after all other prioritized considerations we refer to submission date and time. 
  • Once New Family Enrollment begins, it is rolling until the grade is filled. 
  • When openings in a grade are filled, we maintain a waiting list. If you are notified you are on a waiting list and concerned about availability opening up, we encourage you to call our office to discuss the depth of the waiting list. We are typically able to place most students by the beginning of the school year if a waiting list must be initially formed.
Age Requirements  
  • Preschoolers entering P3 must turn 3 before September 1, 2022 
  • Preschoolers entering P4 must turn 4 before September 1, 2022
  • Preschoolers entering P4+ should have a birthdate between September 1-December 31, 2017, or will qualify upon teacher recommendation
  • Kindergarteners must turn 5 before September 1, 2022 to enroll (subsequent grades follow progressively)
  • *Also, particularly for Preschool, all enrolled students MUST be potty trained before the 1st day of school
Enrollment Communications
  • Due to rolling enrollment, new families enrolling at St. Michael will receive an email notification to confirm receipt of their form, deposit, and space availability for their student(s) for his or her intended grade level. 
  • These notifications will begin to be processed December 16th, following Current Family Enrollment. 
  • After December 16th, new families should receive an email communication confirming enrollment within 3 weeks of receipt of their form and deposit submission.
  • If a family receives a communication indicating their child is on a "Waiting List," we will notify the family ASAP when space opens for their student.
  • Lastly, new families will be contacted to complete their Final Registration Form (which collects information for tuition scheduling, emergency contact information, bus registration, and includes instructions for any forms needed by the nurse's office, etc.) in late January/early February.
Prioritized Considerations for Enrollment
1st Consideration:

Siblings of those currently enrolled (P-8) and of graduates of St. Michael School by date of parish registration.
2nd Consideration:

Children of families new to or already registered with St. Michael Parish in order of parish registration date.
3rd Consideration:

Children of Families who are not registered at St. Michael Parish who:

  • Are registered in their respective parish;
  • Have provided a letter from their pastor stating they are active in the parish.
  • Have confirmed (in writing) that the subsidy will be paid by the respective parish or by the individual parent.
4th Consideration:

Families who live outside St. Michael Parish boundaries who are:

  • Registered in their respective parish;
  • Attending Mass regularly.
  • Subsidy will be paid by the respective parish or by the individual parent

Within each category of consideration above:

    • When all of the requirements above are equally met, a waiting list will be formed using the child’s date of birth to determine placement order, oldest first.
    • Where a waiting list has been formed and notification has been made that a child has been accepted at St. Michael Parish School, if initial tuition payment has not been received by July 1, or special arrangements have not been made, the next child on the waiting list will be offered the available space.
    • Any situation not addressed by the Criteria for Initial Entrance will be considered a special circumstance and will be addressed by the principal and/or the pastor.
Please contact us if you have any questions at 630-655-1454 or 


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