Mrs. Liss has instilled love and confidence in learning to both of my boys while still letting them be little boys and play! 


Welcome to Preschool! At this time, we have an online Virtual Open House for Preschool. We hope you enjoy this look into our classrooms, with information about our options, philosopy, curriculum, and resources. Below, you will find answers to many frequently asked questions about Preschool. Call or email us anytime if you have further questions or wish to visit. We look foward to having your child learn here at St. Michael Parish School's Preschool!


We hope you enjoyed this closer look at Preschool.

School days are different at St. Michael...We focus on the formational development of the whole child. Across all areas, we teach independence, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students develop in virtue and faith as we learn and grow with wonder, gratitude, joy, kindness, and care for one another during our time together in Preschool. Teachers engage students in their learning, promoting a growth mindset from a very young age. Students grow in self-awareness and self-confidence; understanding personal and classroom learning goals, and celebrating their achievements. We treasure our students and our learning time in Preschool! Knowing the indelible imprint teachers, peers, and a student's environment leave on a child, we strive to create the most positive, constructive environment while both challenging and supporting student learning.


Q. What are the options for Preschool at St. Michael?

A. One of the wonderful things about our Preschool program is that we offer multiple options for each age.
3 - Year - Old Preschool
(for children turning 3 by September 1 st )
2-Day Program: Tu / Th, 8:30 - 11:00 am
3-Day Program: M / W / F, 8:30 - 11:00 am
4 - Year - Old Preschool
(for children turning 4 by September 1 st )
4-Day Program: Mon - Thu, 8:30 - 11:00 am
5-Day Program: Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 11:00 am

4 - Plus Preschool
(for children turning 5 between June 1st and December 31st; a transition year for young 5’s)
5-Day Program: Mon - Fri,11:30 - 2:00 pm  

Q. How does drop-off and pick-up work for Preschool at St. Michael?

A. Parents of St. Michael Preschoolers pull up into a "car-line" in front of the designated drop-off or pick-up area. A teacher comes to the car to help your child exit the vehicle, then walks with your child to the school entrance. This is both a wonderful way to greet our preschoolers each day, as well as ensures students safely exit their vehicles and enter the school building. Many parents tell us they appreciate being able to stay in the car, especially during inclement weather or when a little sibling rides along.

Q. Do Preschoolers have snack-time?

A. Yes. We use a lot of energy in Preschool and need the nourishment! We request that snacks be nut-free and are healthy for the children (so chips, cookies, etc. are not allowed at snack-time). We learn about good nutrition and taking care of our bodies and minds in Preschool, and our healthy snacks are a great way to reinforce what we learn. How snacks are organized are determined by the classroom teacher. Some classes have a "snack leader" who brings a snack for the class to share. Some classes bring a personal snack from home. This information is shared over the summer, before classes begin.

Q. Does Preschool have any special activities?

A. In addition to our everyday activities and celebrations, in a regular year we celebrate birthdays, religious and community holidays (like Halloween, All Saints Day, Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Lent) and have in-class field trips.  Our 4s and 4Plus classes have 4th-grade-buddies, visit the church and Mary’s garden for special times to pray, play outside on the preschool/kindergarten playground, and have parent guest readers.

Q. What is the difference between Preschool 4 and Preschool 4Plus?

A. The primary difference is the age of the students. Being a little bit older enables the 4Plus class to extend the amount of time or depth they are able to put into a project or a lesson, thus it offers more of a challenge for a ready group of students. As well, for a child who has completed Preschool 4 but needs a transition year to prepare for Kindergarten, 4Plus offers this transition year to ensure readiness.

Q. What if I feel uncertain about whether my child will be ready for the "next" level of Preschool (or Kindergarten)?

A. If you are very uncertain about grade readiness, we ask you to please set up a conference with your child's teacher. Our teachers will listen, discuss what they see in class, and will take your concerns to heart. They have guided many, many parents through uncertainty about moving from one year to the next and have real wisdom from their experience. Every student and family is a little different, and we want to help you if you feel uncertain about progression for any reason. 

Q. Will my child be ahead or behind based on whether I choose one option or another?

A. Absolutely not. The decision is about what you think your child is ready for, what will be best for him or her, and what will be best for your family. If you wish to talk with someone more about this, we encourage you to please contact your child's teacher or our Principal, Mr. Adam Ferguson, 630-665-1454.

Q. Are there any "admissions" requirements?

A. The main admission requirement is that your child is the correct age for the grade in which you wish to register him or her. Additionally, students must be potty-trained to attend Preschool, and must be so by the first day of school.

Q. Is there bussing for Preschool?

A. No, not generally. Preschoolers do not have the option to ride the bus. The only exception may be for a Preschool 4Plus student to ride an after-school bus, if they would ride with an older St. Michael sibling who is a bus rider. This would require joint approval of the child's parents, teachers, and administration. 

Q. Is there a uniform or dress code for Preschoolers?

A. No. We do not have a uniform for Preschoolers. Wearing the school uniform begins in Kindergarten at St. Michael. We ask our preschoolers to dress in comfortable play clothes and shoes. As well, we ask them to dress appropriately for the weather to keep them healthy, comfortable, and safe if/when outside. 

Q. How have you stayed safe and stayed open during COVID-19?

A. This year has presented many challenges for all of us due to COVID-19. At St. Michael we have taken every precaution possible to ensure our students and staff are safe and well. With social distancing (we maintain a 6-foot distance throughout the day), a mandatory mask policy (which our students have managed very well!), increased washing and cleaning of everything, and diligently monitoring our personal wellness, we maintained a healthy environment at St. Michael. You can view our Re-Opening plan which details the safety precautions school-wide if you wish to read more.

Q. Is there a "virtual" preschool option during COVID-19?

A. No. We do not have a virtual option for preschool.

Q. Are there other online options for "getting to know" Preschool?

A. Yes. Our Preschool teachers have recorded stories for their students that are featured on our Virtual Story Rug. You can enjoy a story with Mrs. Fuller (3s), Mrs. Orsinger (4s), or Mrs. Liss (4s & 4Plus) any time! Mrs. Palasek (our Librarian and Teaching Assistant in Mrs. Orsinger's class) has a virtual story, too. Check it out!



Mrs. Fuller went above and beyond keeping one of my sons safe in his first year in a school environment while having multiple food allergies.
Mrs. Liss is such a wonderful person who loves and cares for all of her students. She encouraged me to seek out some additional support for my son's fine motor skills in Pre-K and we pursued private occupational therapy for several months. She guided us in decision making that significantly impacted my son's well being so he would transition to kindergarten at the right time. Because of the extra time and care she showed my family, my son got the support he needed and he now is thriving with hand writing and visual motor skills that were once previously challenging. I am very grateful to Mrs. Liss for her time, patience and care.




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