The people that work at and attend St. Mike's are sincerely grateful to be there, and it shows. That sentiment makes being part of the school something that the students can get excited about, which makes learning and developing into the best possible version of themselves a positive experience for all.

Welcome! Join us on a panoramic photo tour around St. Michael Parish School. See our beautiful school grounds, peek inside our preschool through 8th grade classrooms, and view some of the facilities available to all grades.
St. Michael Parish School was built in 1881. Since then, many renovations and additions have grown our building to accommodate a robust student body which includes 26 classes of students ranging from 3-Year-Old Preschool through 8th grades. With nearly 600 students, St. Michael is the largest Catholic grade school in the Diocese of Joliet. In 2018 the entire front entrance, office, and rear entrance were remodeled to enhance school security.


During the year 2020-2021, our classrooms look a little different. To accommodate the requirements necessary to safely have our classes resume in person, we had to think creatively about space. Currently, most of our classrooms are in the main building, but 4 are housed in the Faith Center. If you are familiar with St. Michael, you might notice the Music Room temporarily resides in the cafeteria and one of our 2nd grade classes learns in the library! Ultimately, our administrators, priests, and teachers prevailed in finding just-right spaces for all our learning needs this year, and we remain exceedingly grateful to convene in person at St. Michael! You'll notice the photos of this year's classrooms were set up to keep students safely distant (6-feet apart minimum). 


Our school houses a beautiful gym, library, music room, cafeteria, and technology lab. As well, it directly connects to St. Michael Catholic Church where students participate in weekly all-school Mass, Reconciliation, holiday celebrations, the children's choir, and religious programs.



St. Michael Parish School   -  314 W. Willow Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187   -   630-665-1454 
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