Welcome to Kindergarten! At this time, we have an online Virtual Open House for Kindergarten. We hope you enjoy this look into our classrooms, with information about our options, philosophy, curriculum, and resources. Below, you will find answers to many frequently asked questions about Kindergarten. Call or email us anytime if you have further questions or wish to visit. We look forward to having your child learn here at St. Michael Parish School's Kindergarten!


We hope you enjoyed this closer look at Kindergarten.  

School days are different at St. Michael...We focus on the formational development of the whole child. Across all areas, we teach independence, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students develop in virtue and faith, as we learn and grow with wonder, gratitude, joy, kindness, and care for one another during our time together in Kindergarten. Teachers engage students in their learning, promoting a growth mindset. Students grow in self-awareness, understanding personal and classroom learning goals, and celebrating their achievements. Our curriculum is built to exceed standards, working beyond the combined State, National, Common Core, and Diocesan standards. We treasure our students and our learning time in Kindergarten! Knowing the indelible imprint teachers, peers, and a student's environment leave on a child, we strive to create the most positive, constructive environment while both challenging and supporting student learning.


Q. Do you have All-Day or Half-Day Kindergarten?

A. One of the wonderful things about our Kindergarten program is that we offer both all-day and half-day options and are flexible. The two programs occur in each of our 2 classrooms, simultaneously. All Kindergarten students arrive together for their school-day start of 7:40AM. With all Kindergarten students present through the morning, the primary subjects are taught: Math, English Language Arts, Religion. Students in the Half-Day program complete all of their in-class learning and stay through lunch and recess, which we have found is very important for their social and emotional development. They are then dismissed and picked up at 11:30. Students who are in the All-Day program continue on for the afternoon which consists of a mix of classroom activities that reinforce already learned concepts from the morning, centers, and specials classes (art, music, gym, and Spanish; library is held in the morning and all students participate). All-day students are dismissed at 2:12. 

Q. What are the arrival and dismissal times?         

A. Students can arrive as early as 7:05AM. We look for students to be in their classrooms by 7:30, so they are at their seats ready to begin promptly at 7:40 with all-school morning prayer. Half-Day Kindergarten dismissal is at 11:30. All-Day dismissal is at 2:12.

Q. What is the daily schedule for Kindergarten?         

Morning Schedule                        
7:05-7:30 Arrival
7:40 Morning Offering, then Morning Work
8:00 Morning Meeting
8:15 English Language Arts
9:00 Snack
9:15 Math
10:00 Religion
10:30 Lunch & Recess
11:15 Story
11:30 Half-Day Student Dismissal

Afternoon Schedule
11:30 Specials, Centers, Science, Social Studies
1:00 Free Choice Time
1:25 Rest Time
1:50 End of Day Activities
2:05 Closing Prayer
2:12 All-Day Student Dismissal

Q. Is there bussing for Kindergarten?

A. Yes. All Kindergarten students who live within the bussing region for D200 are able to take the bus to school. All-day students can take the bus home, as well. We do not have a bus home for students who choose half-day dismissal.


Q. Is there hot lunch?

A. Yes. Kindergarten families may sign up for hot lunch, which is ordered on a month-to-month basis with our lunch provider, Quest Foods. In a typical year, there are multiple options for hot lunch, including daily gluten-free and nut-free options. Our Friday lunch provision is through an SMPO program called “Fun Food Fridays” and Kindergarten students can sign up for this as well.

Q. Do Kindergarteners have snack-time?

A. Yes. We typically take a snack break in the morning and in the afternoon. We use a lot of energy in Kindergarten and need the nourishment! We request that snacks be nut-free and are healthy for the children (so chips, cookies, etc. are not allowed at snack-time). We learn about good nutrition and taking care of our bodies and minds in Kindergarten, and our healthy snacks are a great way to reinforce what we learn.


Q. Do Kindergarteners have rest-time?

A. Yes. All-day students have a “rest-time” in the afternoon. From time to time a student will fall asleep (especially in the beginning of the year), but typically we simply lay down our bodies on our personal rest-time mats, rest our eyes, and often play soft, calming music to rest our bodies, minds, and spirits.


Q. Can Kindergarteners stay for Lancer Care (our after-school program)?

A. Yes. Lancer Care is our after-school program for students who are picked up any time beyond dismissal. All-day students can stay until any time before the final pick-up at 6PM. Lancer Care is facilitated by a full-time staff member and supported by 2-4 part-time staff members. Students work on homework, play games, go outside, have a snack, etc. until their scheduled pick-up time. Sign up for Lancer Care can be adjusted from week-to-week and can be for 1-5 days per week. More information about Lancer Care is on our website.

Q. What is the DIAL assessment and how does it work?

A. In the spring, as early as February, we typically have Preschool 4 and 4Plus students participate in a DIAL assessment with the Preschool teachers and our Resource Teacher, Mrs. Chris Bailey. This is not a rigorous “testing” process by any means, but a series of activities which feel like little “games” or “exercises” that the students participate in one-on-one, which provide a good snapshot of the student’s readiness for Kindergarten. It helps us understand if there are any developmental delays or identify any concerns before entering to Kindergarten. We have exceptional resources available for student success, and DIAL helps us match students with resources that may benefit them. The information from DIAL assessments is privately held and only discussed between students, teachers, and their parents if there is a concern. If there is a concern, we will work with you to ensure your child has the best learning experience for him or her going forward that next year! We care very deeply about every single student and genuinely want your child to succeed. 


Q. What if I feel uncertain about whether my child will be ready for Kindergarten?

A. If you are very uncertain about Kindergarten readiness, I hope you will contact your child’s current teacher. Our teachers will listen, discuss what they see in class, and will take your concerns to heart. They have guided many, many parents through uncertainty about moving from one year to the next and have real wisdom from their experience. Every student and family is a little different, and we want to help you. 


Q. Will my child be ahead or behind based on whether I choose all-day or half-day Kindergarten?

A. Absolutely not. The decision is about what you think your child is ready for, what will be best for him or her, and what will be best for your family. If you wish to talk with someone more about this, we encourage you to please contact your child's teacher or our Principal, Mr. Adam Ferguson, 630-665-1454.

Q. Where can I find more information about the uniforms St. Michael Students wear?

A. We have information about school uniforms and other important details under the "Parents" section on our website. Check it out.

Q. How have you stayed safe and stayed open during COVID-19?

A. This year has presented many challenges for all of us due to COVID-19. At St. Michael we have taken every precaution possible to ensure our students and staff are safe and well. With social distancing (we maintain a 6-foot distance throughout the day), a mandatory mask policy (which our students have managed very well!), increased washing and cleaning of everything, and diligently monitoring our personal wellness, we have mitigated spread of COVID-19 at St. Michael, maintaining a healthy school environment. You can view our Re-Opening plan which details the safety precautions school-wide if you wish to read more.

Q. Is there a "virtual" Kindergarten option during COVID-19?

A. No. While we had a virtual option during 2020-2021 to meet the needs of that particular year, this 2021-2022 school year, we are all in-person at St. Michael Parish School. 





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