Our child has been positively impacted in many ways by being part of SMPS. First, he has the opportunity to attend school in-person daily. This experience in itself is providing structure, learning opportunities and experiences that many children are not getting during this time. Furthermore, it is true that you truly do "teach more." As a practicing Catholic family we are thrilled that our child is learning about the Faith and practicing his Faith daily in school. I long for the day that I can come over to St. Mikes and join him at Mass on a Wednesday! Our family has been impacted greatly by SMPS because we see the light bulb on every day with our child. He is learning, growing, and getting better each day, and this brings my wife and I great joy. Families center much of their schedule and workflow around the school day and to have daily education at a high level for our child is a real blessing!  

As a Catholic school in the Diocese of Joliet (DOJ), we benefit from the collaboration and support of the Diocese and its schools. To learn more, check out the benefits of Catholic education "By the Numbers" below, and click the links read the full detailed reports:
2018-2019 Annual Report of the DOJ : A Litany of Graces
2017-2018 Annual Report of the DOJ : We Teach More
2016-2017  Annual Report of the DOJ  : Truth, Beauty, Goodness


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