My sons have had the opportunity to be shown the abundant love of Jesus within our school community; they get to witness God's love on a daily basis as well as learn more about their faith each and every day at SMPS.

Teachers Engage & Excite

Our classrooms are student-centered and interactive as we work to meet the needs of all learners through in-class differentiated instruction, enrichment learning experiences, as well as academic support services.

· Two classrooms for each grade with approx. 50-60 students per grade means 25-30 students per room; Preschool classes range only 14-20 students per room

· Teacher Aides bring teacher:student ratio for Preschool to 1:9 and Kindergarten-2nd Grade to 1:14 on average, with Aides rotating in older grades based on size or needs of each class

· Specialized teachers teach “Specials” classes: Immersion Spanish, Music, Art, Library, Technology and PE

· Digital Learning Environment utilizes iPads, SMARTBoards with LCD projectors in every classroom, Technology Learning Lab, and evolved educational software and programs

· “Blocked” instruction allows for in-depth learning without interruption  

Teachers Cultivate a Caring Environment 

We focus on our students’ faith formation; learning about the theology of our Catholic faith and putting it into action.

· Positive peer relationships among all as God’s children, with no bullying policy

· Positive behavior programs in every classroom

· “We Are Love” campaign inspires love & kindness

· Social Worker & School Nurse assist with students’ emotional & physical needs

· Accommodations for students with allergies

· Learning needs assessed by your child’s teacher, but also by our Learning Resource Teachers to identify opportunities to help your child

· Accommodations for students with a variety of learning needs

· We work together as an entire community to ensure students have a secure, safe, stress-free environment

The Classroom & Instruction Shift to Enhance 6
th - 8 th Grade Jr. High

We challenge students with learning activities across the curriculum that require collaboration & utilize higher order thinking skills.

· Students switch classes to learn from specialized teachers in all subjects: English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion

· Leveled instruction in Math and Language Arts offers both support & enrichment tailored to your child’s learning pace

· Inquiry-based, student-centered classrooms challenge students, requiring higher-order thinking: analysis, evaluation & synthesis

· All 8th Grade graduates achieve completion of Algebra Level 1 at a minimum




St. Michael Parish School   -  314 W. Willow Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187   -   630-665-1454 
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