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Our favorite aspects of St. Michael are the caring staff, the academic rigor, and the faith-based focus each week.

Construction on the first Wheaton Catholic Church was finalized on May 29, 1879. Immediately, classrooms were established in the basement for the purpose of instruction of the children of the parish. The School Sisters of St. Francis taught the classes to these children. The Pastor lived in the basement of the church.

Unfortunately in 1911, the church was severely burned. However, faithful parishioners salvaged wood from the old mission church and used it to build a frame school building. By the early 1920's, the parishioners were convinced that a more sturdy school building was needed for their children. In October of 1923, the oldest section of the present building was completed.

In the early to mid forties, every available space of the building was put to use. A section of the third floor was used as a gym, and movies were   shown in the projection room which is the present attic of this portion of the building.

By the late fifties and early sixties, the Catholic population of Wheaton had grown significantly. Once again, the parishioners added another addition to the school. This is presently the middle section of the building, which contains first and second grade on the first floor, and Junior High on the second. During these years, the School Sisters of St. Francis staffed St. Michael School. In the late sixties, it became necessary for them to leave this ministry at St. Michael. For a few years, the school administrator was a lay person. In the fall of 1974, under the influence of Bishop Blanchette of Joliet Diocese, the Sisters of Notre Dame from Toledo Ohio, came to be part of the educational system of St. Michael School. Over the years, a number of Sisters had been a part of St. Michael School's educational staff.

Continuous progress has been made over the years. In the seventies, once again, St. Michael School was experiencing an increase in enrollment. At that time, the physical education classes were held in the old church building and in the basement. Before long, plans were made for adding another section onto the already existing building. This section, which is the present office area, gym, and parish center, was complete by the Fall of 1985.

As ever new and improved educational trends evolved over the years, St. Michael School added a curriculum for Kindergartners in 1975. A program for four-year olds was added in 1997 and three-year olds in 1998.

At each turning point in the history of St. Michael School, faithful, generous parishioners have supported the expansions and progress of our School. As we continue to move through the next millennium, we are proud to carry on the Catholic tradition of spreading the Good News of Jesus that was initiated by our fore bearers more than one hundred and twenty-five years ago. Now, as then, we continue to provide our students with an academic curriculum that equips them to enter the future with pride in their Catholic heritage and skills to meet the needs of the times.


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