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Welcome to our Distance Learning Resources page at St. Michael. For our current families, SchoolSpeak will continue to be the main source for information and means of communication between parents and their child's teacher(s) for all grades at St. Michael Parish School.  Please check SchoolSpeak regularly for updates.   As well, this list of resources is available for parents on SchoolSpeak.  Since access to Schoolspeak is parent-login based, we are adding all resources to the external website (here) so students can find quick access if you'd like to bookmark this page. Students using Google Classroom or Seesaw will also find quick-links available within their teachers' notes and assignments. 
Grades 1-2 will primarily receive and submit assignments through "Seesaw":
  • Click HERE to access Seesaw online
  • Click HERE to download Seesaw from the app store 
  • Click HERE to view the "how to get started on Seesaw" video 
  • Click HERE to view a help sheet for families supporting learning-from-home through Seesaw 
Grades 3-8 will primarily receive and submit assignments through "Google Classroom":  
  • Click HERE to access Google Classroom online
  • Click HERE to download Google Classroom from the app store  from GooglePlay
  • Click HERE to download Google Classroom from the Apple App store
If your child is working on a computer, access to the various areas of Google will open as you click on each item within Google Classroom (such as "Slides" or "Drive").
If your child is working on a tablet, he or she may need to access to a few different Google apps. If your child begins with Google Classroom, but needs another app to do a certain task, the device will prompt you to download the necessary app to continue. 


K-2 - Ms. Abrica will be using Seesaw to post messages and assignments.
3rd-8th Grade - Ms. Abrica will be using Google Classroom to post messages and assignments.


4th -8th Grade - Mrs. Brink will be using Google Classroom to post messages and assignments.


Click on the link here to view some activities for students to get some much needed physical activity while at home.

Resources for Parents
We realize that for parents, distance learning and the whole experience of being home versus at school presents a major shift in learning for YOU, too. As you help your child(ren) adjust, work to set them up for learning success, and keep calm through it all, we want to share some helpful resources.
Helping Kids with Information and Feelings 
Click here for a helpful resource from Mrs. Kozica, our Social Worker, from the National Association of School Psychologists. Navigating conversations about difficult topics takes support, and this article is specifically for parents.  Still looking for a little more help? Check out this parent/caregiver guide to helping families cope with COVID-19 from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network.   
Additionally, please click on the link here to view a letter from Donna Kozica, our SMPS Social Worker. The letter has some great resources for parents to help manage life during this time.
CommonSense.org has added the following two resources for parents, as well.
Setting up a Schedule  
Although your child is home, this is not much like a scheduled break or vacation, when they might have activities, playdates, or just "time off." To help your child and family keep organized, setting up a schedule so learning progress stays on track will help. This sample schedule has been passed around social media, but it is a good example of how parents might think about breaking up the day for their child(ren). With a lot of online learning, encouraging time off-screen becomes especially important, too. And, with no place to go, having ideas at the ready really helps!
Things to Do Beyond the "Classroom"
While your child's teacher(s) will connect students to specific sites and programming related to specific assignments, parents can check out "Homeboundhub" for links to awesome websites and apps to support all areas of distance learning.  
Check out these top 30 "Best educational Netflix shows."
Need a field trip? Here are 20 virtual field trip experiences you can have from the comfort of home! 
For NON-screen based indoor activities, a parent passed along this blog with some great ideas.

More Resources added 3/19 - The following resources have become available since our last post:

  • First...Join Pope Francis and the rest of the world in praying the rosary TODAY AT 3:00PM for the end of COVID-19. We believe you can watch HERE , though finding the best link was a bit challenging. If it doesn’t work, keep up with Vatican Live HERE . Or, simply follow along with the Mysteries of Light HERE . If you can’t pray at that time, it’s OK. Your prayers matter any time...join in any time, as often as you’d like.

  • Tour 12 famous museums from home HERE !

  • Join famous author, Mo Willems, for daily live “lunch doodles” HERE .

  • The NY library created an app with 300,000 free available texts called SimplyE, which you can download from your app store.

  • Download Epic! for families for great online reading just for kids HERE .  


Quick Links
Click any icon below for quick-link access to the follow sites you may need (more specific links will also be in your teacher's notes or on SchoolSpeak, though these are commonly accessed sites in our classrooms):
 Aleks Math (3-8)
  Superkids Reading Program (K-2)
  Pearson Realize EnVision Math (K-4)
  Scholastic Learn at Home
  Khan Academy
  Big Ideas Math (5-8)
  Sadlier Connect (Vocabulary) (3-8) 


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