St. Isaac Jogues Religious Education
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Welcome to SIJ RE Program!
The SIJ Religious Education Program  is taught on Wednesdays from 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm Late September - Late March. 
(Eighth Grade Program meets from August to December after receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation)
  • Each class is taught by a certified teacher using the same textbook as is used in SIJ School. (Each lesson is designed with the 1.5 hour weekly time frame in mind)
  • Each week classes will participate in Mass or a devotional activity: Rosary, visit Adoration Chapel, Reconciliation and other seasonal activities throughout the year on a rotating basis.
  • Weekly assessments are to be completed and will be posted in School Speak as evidence of the learning and participation in the program.
  • All families will have access to School Speak to be able to see the progress of the child, retrieve assessments for completion due to absence, and communicate with teachers and staff.  
Each program is led by Certified Teachers in the Diocese of Joliet (most teach in St. Isaac Jogues School), all have received Diocesan Catechetical Training, most have advanced degrees.....   
Blended Program (formerly known as the At Home Program)
  • The Blended Program is for children who have special needs in the classroom that make the extra classroom time difficult. Teachers partner with the family to offer guidance for delivery of the Religious Instruction. Teachers will create the timeline for instruction ~ 
  • Families will receive weekly instructions through School Speak ~ Each week a new post will give information about the lesson and at this time the assessment will be posted in School Speak.
  • Weekly assessments will need to be turned in electronically (this will also count as attendance of participation each week). (Families can hand in hard copies of weekly assessments to the RE office if this is more convenient)
  • Families will be required, at some time during the week, to participate in the same liturgical and devotional practice as is done being on Wednesdays (Mass, Reconciliation, Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration....) 
  • Families are required to attend 4 mandatory workshops (#1 Introductory, #2-4 will require the child to give evidence of progress by completing an assessment, in addition to other activities) 
 Sacramental Program
First Communion/ First Reconciliation Program
This is a two year program offered in first and second grade.
Parents must:
  • provide a baptismal certificate
  • see that child completes two years of catechesis
  • attend parent meetings
  • attend retreats with child
This is a two year program offered in seventh and eighth grade.
Candidates must:
  • Complete two years of catechesis in a satisfactory manner
  • Attend What is Confirmation and Spirit Retreats
  • Complete Journals indicating that they are actively living the Catholic Faith (4 to Explore)
  • Submit Sponsor Eligibility Form
  • Submit Confirmation Registration Form
(A timeline is given for all events to be completed) 
****If a child leaves the program and returns he or she must provide evidence of Catechesis during the missed year(s) to be readmitted to the program either by providing documentation of attendance in another RE program or taking an assessment to determine the level of Catholic knowledge for placement. 
Fees and Payment Options 

RE Payment Options 2018-2019

One time registration fee per family...

no sacramental, retreat or other fees.

Fees are the same if registering for

Wednesday or Blended Program.

Number of children enrolled in RE Program                   

Payment in Full (discounted amount)

Pay in 10 payments throughout the year

1 child

$ 475.00

$ 500.00 ($50.00 monthly)

2 children

$ 650.00

$ 675.00 ($67.50 monthly)

3 or more children

$ 725.00

$ 750.00 ($75.00 monthly)

Late Fee of $50.00 will be added after June 30, 2018 

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After we receive your information, we will get in touch with you shortly to formally register with the Religious Education program.