Stand StrongOffline
We, the St. Michael community, are standing strong for safety in our school & for goodness in our world.  Our goals are to raise funds for a new, more secure, safer school entry, AND to put more goodness in the world through our own commitments and service.  YOU can make a difference by giving to this critical cause!  In return, WE can make a difference by giving back to our community.  That is why, in response to YOUR gift, our entire school will participate in our STAND STRONG Service Day on May 30th and give back to the community in gratitude for your support. 
We will recognize ALL those who give to STAND STRONG  as our STAND STRONG "ANGELS." 
  1. The student(s) you are connected to will write your name on one of our "ANGELS" and put it up on the walls in our current school entry.  All of our "ANGELS" will stay up throughout the renovation, standing sentry over the students as the enter and exit our school.
  2. The student(s) you are connected to will write your name on a special intention and put it in our "God Box," presented each week at all-school Mass, where we will pray for you.
Additionally, we will recognize all STAND STRONG ANGELS who give above $1,000 on permanent, commemorative plaques in the new entryway! We will designate honors by category for gifts of $1,000+, $2,500+, $5,000+, $10,000+ or $25,000+ (And, we are certainly prepared to recognize higher amounts if the opportunity arises!). Also, your student's family name will be permanently commemorated by association with such incredibly generous gifts!
We need your help to protect our school. Please STAND STRONG with us! Thank you!