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How To Use Clever

Updated on Jun 05, 2020 12:03 PM by Lynch, Gabrielle


How to Use Clever

St. Joseph School (SJS) has been using Clever to simplify the logging in process for all students. Clever is a website that students login to at the beginning of the day using their email account information. Once they are logged in, they are presented with icon links to the apps and/or websites they regularly use. Clicking on the appropriate icon should automatically log them into that application/website eliminating the need to remember or re-type account information. They may have to provide their individual account information the very first time they click on an icon to go to a website, but thereafter Clever remembers the information. If your child is using an SJS device, the Clever login page opens as soon as they open the chrome browser. If you do not have a school device, your child can login here , and you can bookmark the link.